Gypsy Jazz

Gypsy Jazz Flamenco

Gypsy Jazz Flamenco specifically refers to a style of Flamenco that mixes the traditional sounds of flamenco with a more modern, inspired new sound of jazz that truly mixes up the formula and provides a faster, more exciting sound.At the forefront of the genre is none other than Chano Dominguez, a multi-award winning jazz-flamenco fusion pianist who’s received international acclaim for his skill.

Gypsy Jazz Flamenco
Auditorium of National Taiwan Library Culture Park

In Singapore OCTOBER 4th, 2017
Gypsy Jazz Flamenco
Esplanade Auditorium

In Hong kong, OCTOBER 11th, 2017
Gypsy Jazz Flamenco
Sheung Wan Civic Centre Lecture Hall


Singer: Ismael Fernández
Singer: Ismael “El Bola”
Guitar: Yeray Cortes
Piano: Chano Dominguez
Percussion: Bandolero
Dancer: Pol Vaquero
Dancer: Sonia Olla
Producer: Amy Minars
Road & Stage Mgr: Eleonora Battiston
Video/Photographer: Derrick Davis