Tiempo al aire

Tiempo al Aire

Tiempo al Aire is a journey from one world to another, from the most traditional city of Madrid to the most cosmopolitan city of New York, from well-known surroundings to the excitement and illusion of new places. It is a journey of self-exploration and personal growth.

Tiempo al Aire is a production devoted to the life-changing moments experienced by Sonia Olla and her company on their long journey of professional and personal growth. During these defining moments the artists experienced a plethora of emotions that are powerfully conveyed on stage through music and dance.

Sonia Olla and Ismael Fernandez fill the stage with the magic and spirit from traditional flamenco infused with percussion and jazz. This union enhances the exquisite performance of these acclaimed international artists.

May 31st, 2013 at the Boulevard Theater, New York


Sonia Olla, Nacho Arymani, Ismael Fernández

Flor de la Canela
Elenco completo

Sonia Olla, Julio Boti, Ismael Fernández

Ismael Fernández, Nacho Arimany, Julio Boti, Roberto Castellón, Paco Soto

Ismael Fernández, Nacho Arimany, Julio Boti

Elenco completo


Baile: Sonia Olla
Cante: Ismael de la Rosa Fernández
Guitar: Paco Soto
Percussion: Nacho Arimany
Sax: Julio Boti
Choreography: Sonia Olla
Artistic Director : Sonia Olla e Ismael de la Rosa
Music Director: Ismael de la Rosa
Photography: Antonio Gamboa
Fashion Designers: Taller de Artistas