Sonia and Ismael toured the Caribbean presenting their new show, “Gloria”

10 de January 2020

When the artist steps onto the stage, she feels within her a state of splendor or magnificence – not purely physical or sensory, but an energy that transcends the physical. This feeling is intimate, and makes the artist vulnerable; it leads her to the brink of what she is capable, and no one knows just exactly what is going to happen next. Gloria releases pure creativity, and fuses the artist, the music and the audience until all are one. Gloria is not a single experience, but shared among all who experience the moment. The excitement of performance, and all its possibilities, allow room for all to share in Gloria.

Gloria is the what the artist feels when she is about to perform: it is an energy that allows her to push herself. I can be scary – I can make the artist vulnerable because even she does not know what will happen on the stage. But it is also energizing for this sake reason.

This feeling is an intimate moment that the artist can share with the audience: everyone can experience it all at the same time.

It never happens the same way twice! It is different each time because it is a shared experience and it is the audience creates the room that allows the artist the space for artistic expression.

Gloria cannot be achieves by a single artist, but through the shared experience of live performance.