Are you ready to see stars with “Circo de la Luna”?

15 de April 2016
Are you ready to see stars with “Circo de la Luna"?

“Circo de la Luna” arrives for the first time in New York City with three sessions of it’s magical show, which tells the story of a disgruntled dweller who travels to a world in which body and mind will be opened, transformed forever thanks to that galactic space created by Amanda topaz, Sonia Olla e Ismael Fernández.

It’s a story full of fusions: of cultures, since it is a great celebration of Spain and Latin America; and of arts, where aerialist, comedians, flamenco dancers and even a professional boleador, meet in the same stage where live flamenco is the soundtrack.

You have never seen such a circus, that incites your sense of adventure and brings out your thirst for enjoyment. That’s why we offer you a special discount. Enter the code “flamenco10” during your purchase and you will pay $10 less. Only if you purchase tickets before April 18!

For more information, please visit and have a look at this video of “Circo de la Luna” at New Jersey.

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